I am pleased to say that once again, a portfolio of five images was selected as the Runner-up in the 2017 Travel Photographer of the Year. Selecting just one image to represent a category is difficult enough. Selecting just five with a theme running through them is even more difficult. This year I chose to show five images taken the 2017 Venice Biennale. Paul Goldstein was most enthusiastic about the images and had it been left to him and Lynn Hughes, my panel would have won…. until another year! The competition is in its 15th year and bar the odd year, I have always had one or more images selected for the final.

It was a wet Sunday in Venice. Visitors to the permanent exhibition pavilions, paraded in their pac-a-macs or carried brollies. Many of the exhibits, especially photographic, held one’s attention for long. Photographing the viewers provided stronger images than those displayed on the walls. Apart from one or two images, the viewer was, it seems, interested in anything other than what was on the walls.

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